All software available here is free. Unfortunately, the author has passed away.


CalcPad is a smart notepad that calculates answers based on what you type in. It allows you to type in math expressions, assign variables, define functions, convert units, add units together and much more. There is no enter button, it automatically evaluates everything you type as you type it. You can go back and edit, add, or delete anything you want at any time, just like a notepad, and all the calculations will update accordingly. Requirements: .NET 4.8, [ CalcPad ]

Trajectory Calculator

You can graph trajectories given the velocity and angle in the units you choose. Also displays the precise flight time, range, and max height. The graph allows you to zoom in and out (scroll wheel), change the values on the grid, and use various units. Requirements: .NET Core 3.1, [ download, photo ]

Sine Wave Calculator

Allows you to manipulate a sine wave by changing values directly or with sliders to see how they relate to the properties of a wave. It's a convenient tool for teaching and learning. [ download, photo ]


Once you run this program, the next time you press a button on your mouse, the shield will popup and you will loose access to your computer! The only way to stop the program with the shield up or even with it down, is to type in "kill" and then press the Enter key. You can read the .txt file to see all of the commands available. This program does NOT install anything or change any settings on your computer. [ BoomShield ]