BAC Calculator

ATTENTION: Make sure you click "Calculate" after using The Adjuster to update the results.

This program shows how blood alcohol content is estimated using a refined verion of Widmark's BAC calculation formula. This newer formula is used by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Unlike most BAC calculators, this one does not hide all the variables from you, so you know EXACTLY what it's calculating.

You can complete the equation using the 3 main inputs, that are color-coded in light blue.

BAC=23.36/(Weight*0.58*1000)*0.806*100*Alcohol consumed-(0.01789*Hours since consumed)

Refined Widmark's BAC Formula (?)
Mass in kilograms
Body water %
#1 Body water content in mL
#2 Grams of alcohol per mL
Blood water %
#3 Grams per mL of blood
#4 BAC (Theoretical instantaneous)
Ounces of alc. consumed
#5 BAC (actual instantaneous)
Hours since consumed
Elimination per hour (metabolism)
Elimination per hour (breath+sweat)
#6 BAC (currently)
The Adjuster
Adjust: mass
Adjust: body water %
Adjust: ounces consumed
shot (1.5oz)
shot (1.5oz)
bottle (12oz)
bottle (12oz)
glass (8oz)
glass (6oz)
BAC Effects
Percents Used

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