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Functions Radians Degrees Gradians
Math Physics Earth Notepad
Name Alt. Value
pi π 3.14159265358979
Natural Logarithm e 2.7182818284590451
Euler's varant ϒ 0.577215664901532
Golden Ratio, phi Φ 1.618033988749894
Name Value
Fine Structure varant 0.00729735308
Electron gfactor -2.002319304386
Speed of light in a vacuum 299792458
Vacuum Impedance 376.730313461
Vacuum Permivity 0.00000000000885418817
Vacuum Permeability 0.00000125663706
Conductance Quantum 0.000077480917
Gravitational varant 0.000000000066742
Dirac's varant 1.05457163E-34
Planck varant 6.6260693E-34
Planck Length 1.61624E-35
Planck Mass 0.0000000217645
Planck Temperature 1.41679E-32
Planck Time 5.39121E-44
Planck Charge 1.87554587E-18
Rydberg varant 10973731.534
Bohr Radius 0.0000000000529177249
Hartree Energy 4.3597482E-18
Bohr Magneton 9.2740154E-24
Nuclear Magneton 5.0507866E-27
Boltzmann varant 1.380658E-23
Stefan Boltzmann varant 0.0000000567051
Magentic Flux Quantum 0.00000000000000206783461
Wien's varant 0.0028977685
Electron Radius 0.00000000000000281794092
Proton Mass 1.6726231E-27
Neutron Mass 1.6749286E-27
Constant Value
Earth's Mass 5.9737E+24
Earth's Equatorial Radius 6378135
Earth's Polar Radius 6356750
Earth's Quadratic Mean Radius 6372795
Earth's Atmosphere's Density 1.22145
Earth's Atmosphere's Viscocity at 20 celsius 0.000018
Earth's Speed around the Sun 29811.1
Earth's Avg. Distance from the Sun 227900000000
Earth's Gravitational Acceleration 9.81708900527711