Mass itself, is an EXTREMELY dense form of potential energy. Even if a teeny tiny bit of mass was completely converted into kinetic energy (annihilation), it would level a city. Go ahead and type in your mass/weight in kilograms, or the mass of something else, like a paper clip, to see how much energy it has. comparisons

Every red pixel = 1 MEGATON of energy. The combined energy of the 2 nuclear bombs dropped on Japan (Little Boy and Fat Man), would not even register as 1 red pixel. Even 20X their combined power would not even register as just 1 red pixel in this box. This box holds up to 70,000 red pixels.

When you type in your weight (mass) and see how many red pixels it equals, it may not look like much, but each teeny red pixel on the screen represents an absolutely HUGE amount of energy. As a further comparison, since Little Boy and Fat Man are outdated technology, the largest thermonuclear weapon detonated by the USA, Castle Bravo = 15 red pixels. The largest detonated by Russia, Tzar Bomba = 50 red pixels. This entire box, represents MORE than half the energy the entire world consumes in a year.

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note: Firefox and Apple Safari are able to populate the box with significant amounts of red instantly, but IE 7.0 lags.