This calculator is the inverse of the E=mc2 calculator. If mass can be annihilated and become kinetic energy, then energy can become mass/matter, right? It takes a TON of energy to create just one teeny tiny little speck of mass, but it can be done. Go ahead and type a value of energy, and transform it into a chunk or speck of matter.

Every gray pixel = 1 POUND of mass. The combined energy of the 2 nuclear bombs dropped on Japan (Little Boy and Fat Man), could not even create 1 gram of matter.

The combined powers of the largest thermonuclear weapon detonated by the USA (Castle Bravo) and Russia (Tzar Bomba), could only create about 7 pounds of matter. This entire box contains 70,000 pixels, that means this entire box = 70,000 pounds of mass. That may seem like a lot, but it's very small. The Earth is just a speck in space, too small to even be justified as even being a microscopic speck, how much of Earth's mass does this "giant" block of 70,000 pounds represent? One millionth, billionth, or trillionth? One quadrillionth? One quintillionth? Close... it represents around 100 quintillionth of the Earth's total mass, which itself is just a little speck of nothing floating in space. The amount of energy it took to create Earth, and the rest of the cosmos is INCREDIBLY large.

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note: Firefox and Apple Safari are able to populate the box with significant amounts of red instantly, but IE 7.0 lags.